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Ah, yes, the theatrical programs offered at Taravella! Everything from stunning musicals to educational critiquing to theatrical makeup. Here, each of our unique and amazing programs, as well as programs from around the country that we participate in, will be summarized. 

(On this page you will find the following: Program Summaries, Cappies Info, Thespian Festival Info)

JPT Drama Programs

| Cappies | Thespian Festival | Theatre Courses | 
| Costume and Makeup | Stagecraft | Musical Theatre |

South Florida Cappies

One of the gem's of JPT's programs is our Cappies department. Cappies (Cappies coming from C.A.P., "Critics and Awards Program") is a program through which high school theatre and journalism students are trained as critics, attend shows at other local schools, and publish those reviews in local newspapers. At the end of the year, a formal Cappies Gala takes place, where actors and techies from Cappied shows are nominated for and win awards.  

This year's Cappie Critic Team includes Nicole Sugarman (the Lead Critic), Jaime Happel, , Emma Sugarman, Leah Tomas, Nicholas Vela, and Dani Wolfe.

At the 2019 Cappies Gala, Taravella came home with:
  • Sophomore Critic:Leah Tomas
  • Freshman Critic: Emma Sugarman
  • Female Dancer: Kimberly Sessions
  • Female Supporting Actress: Nicole Sugarman
  • Critic Team

Want to join the Cappies team? At the end of the year Cappies Applications will be given out to aspiring critics at a Drama Meeting. We'd love to see you join!

Thespian Festival

The Thespian Festival is a competition and festival held at both the district and state level every year. Part of the International Thespian Society, an educational theatre program, the Festival allows students to participate in every category from Costume Design to Pantomime to Large Group Musical. Students compete at the district level, and those with Superior ratings are allowed to go to the State Festival, where several mainstage high school shows and professional workshops are showcased for students to see and participate in, all within a whole week of exciting drama! 

Want to compete in districts? You can find out more information at Drama Club Meetings and at the District Website ( ).

Theatre Courses

Taught by theatre experts Lori Sessions and Daniel Bonnett, the Taravella Theatre Courses offered as school electives come in four seperate classes. The first teaches the basics of theatre, drawing on theatre history, technical theatre, and different theatrical styles for a roundabout introduction to the art. The second begins to focus on auditioning and acting in great depth. The third and fourth classes dive deep into playwrighting, Shakespeare, film and television, as well as expert acting styles to provide students with experiences and training. 

If these courses sound right for you, be sure to sign up for one next year, and speak to Lori Sessions if you have any questions! 

Costume and Makeup

This class taught by Daniel Bonnett introduces students to the elements of how to apply theatrical makeup and time period elements for costuming. The makeup overviews everything from basic corrective to trauma (such as gashes, scars, and burns). As for costumes, students learn a variety of techniques for choosing the right colors, cloth, and style of clothing appropriate for certain time periods.

If you would like to join the costume and makeup crew, sign up for the course at the end of the year and talk to Daniel Bonnett for more information.


The Technical Theatre Design and Production Class, commonly known as Stagecraft, is Drama's own course in building and painting scenery, as well as working lights, props, and sound. The program teaches students lighting, set, sound, and properties design, as well as artistic discipline, through safe, hands-on experiences for Taravella's mainstage and minor productions. 

If you're interested in this technical side of theatre, sign up for Stagecraft at the end of the year and talk to Daniel Bonnett for any more information. 

Musical Theatre

The Musical Theatre program at JPT is headed by Lori Sessions. This class spends the entire year rehearsing for the school musical, learning about musical theatre history, in workshops on the many facets of musical theatre (i.e. auditioning, acting while singing, dancing), and working on creative projects such as school revues, county-wide performances, and student-written musicals. 

Want to add your voice to the musical theatre harmony? In the late winter, auditions will take place, and more information (such as dance attire and track lengths) will come out over the year in Drama Club Meetings.