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A Chorus Line

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2019-2020 American Musical Theatre Class Re-auditions

Thank you so much to all who auditioned! Here are our new members that will be joining us in our 2019-2020 American Musical Theatre Class!

Em Fontanet

Ava Chen

2019-2020 American Musical Theatre Class

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Musical Theatre Class!  Thank you to all who auditioned.  We will have another audition in August. 

* Denotes Top 4 auditions of the day

Aiden Scott 9

Alex Rodriguez 11

Anais McIntyre 9

Andy Emerson 9

Anthony Gonsalves 11

Candice Davis 8

Christina Hall 11

Danny Landin  8

Dani Wolfe*  11

Emma Sugarman 9

Fallon Collins 9

Hailey Zaichick 9

Hunter Quinn 10

Jaime Happel* 11

Jennifer Moloney 9

Jocelyn Gomez 8

Jonathan Orozco 8

Leah Tomas 10

Libby D’Orvilliers 10

Luke Meitz 10

Kayla LaCerra 11

Malak Sheikha 11

Michaela Lewis 9

Mikey Uliano 9

Nicole Sugarman* 11

Nicolas Vela* 10

Nick Ismailoff 10

Redlee Magliore 9

*Denotes Top 4  auditions of the day

Sweet Charity 

Charity Hope Valentine                            Kimberly Sessions

Helene                                                    Dani Wolfe

Nickie                                                       Nicole Sugarman

Carmen                                                   Keyuna Julien

Rosie                                                        Libby D’Orvilliers

Suzanne                                                  Leah Tomas

Frenchy                                                   Jaime Happel

Betsy                                                        Madison Kelleher

Elaine                                                       Emma Sugarman

Herman                                                   Boaz Levy           

Ursula March                                        Kayla LaCerra

Vittorio Vidal                                         Riley Frost

Oscar Lindquist                                    Hunter Quinn    

Daddy Brubeck                                     Luke Meitz

Two Assistants to Brubeck                   DeAris Dore and Haley Zaichick

Charity understudy                            Nicole Sugarman

Helene and Nickie understudy          Jaime Happel

Oscar understudy                               Boaz Levy

Vittorio understudy                           Nick Ismailoff