JP Taravella Drama Club

Troupe 3502

Drama Club Meeting Dates!

August 29- New Members

August 30th- Old Members

September 13th

October 10th

November 7th

December 12th

January 9th

February 13th

March 6th

April 10th

May 8th

Upcoming Events!

September 5th- Auditions for Picnic/Pink Lemonade for Tomorrow

September 7th- Callbacks for Picnic/Pink Lemonade for Tomrrow

September 9- Yard Sale

September 17- Drama Club Picnic

September 10-22- Coupon Book Sales

October 4th- 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

September 29-30- Disney trip

October 4- District Registration

October 7- Picnic Set build

October 11- Picnic Set build

October 8-20- Chocolate Sales

October 28- Picnic Set Build

November 2-4- Picnic

November 27- District Coaching

December 6- Pink Lemonade One Act\

December 7,8- One Act Districts

December 9- District IE's

December 20- Superior Showcase

January 13- Anything Goes Set Build

January 18- Bingo Night

January 20- Anything Goes Set Build

February 1-3- Anything Goes

February 24- Yard Sale

February 28- Children's Play

March 2- Lovewell Show

March 6th- Thespian Inductions

March 13-17- States

March 22-30- Londonh

April 12- Coffee House Auditions

April 19- Fine Arts Show

April 21- Miscast Gala for Broadway Equity Fights Aids

April 24th- Coffee House

May 22- Cappies Gala

May 29- Banquet

Officers 2016-2017

President:  Claire Lefort
Vice President:  Morgan Wolfe
Secretary:  Dekayla Saunders
Treasurer:  Vanessa Nottingham
Publicist:  Kimberly Sessions
Historian:  Alyssa Holcomb
Officer in Training:  Nicole Sugarman

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